NetFident is a company specializing in security and networks in the information technology sector. According to NATO, cybersecurity is the fifth domain of warfare (The Need for Prevention in an Interdependent World 2018). We understand that data security breaches can cost organizations millions of dollars, and we are prepared to side with organizations in protecting their data.

Besides the financial threat, cyber attacks also have the ability to “undermine the safety of Internet users, disrupt economic and commercial activity, and threaten military effectiveness” (Independent Commission on Multilateralism 2016). 

NetFident’s vision is to provide quality IT services to organizations around the world. We are looking to build trust relationships with our customers and help them succeed in their business by assuming the operational aspects of their IT organization. In order to serve our customers best, NetFident seeks out skilled IT personnel to join our team. Our staff enjoy working from the comfort of their own home with opportunities for travel to client locations.

The mission of NetFident is to provide quality professional IT security services to organizations around the world.