Device Availability Monitoring

  • Standard Package
    • 24×7 computer network device monitoring
    • Ensure functionality is in accordance with reliable infrastructure standards
    • Alerts configured to identify health issues
  • Package Customization
    • Customer assumes remediation responsibility
    • Service Provider manages remediation process

Manage and Track Backups

  • Standard Package
    • Remote scheduling
    • Monitoring that backups were completed successfully
    • Monitoring storage changes
    • Making adjustments as needed
    • Facilitating restores
  • Additional Services
    • Offsite backup at a secure data center
    • Encrypted company data for secure storage
    • Compressed company data for efficient storage

Virtualization. Server and Domain Administration

  • Customer Benefits
    • Monitoring and controlling of server farms remotely
  • Service Provider Responsibilities
    • Administration and support of both on-premise and Cloud-based Linux and Windows server environments remotely
    • Ensure security of environments
    • Software installations, configurations, and upgrades
    • Maintain Active Directory server(s)
    • Perform annual audits
    • Remediation of audit findings after review of recommendation
    • Build, manage, and upgrade for VMware ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V environments

Network Device Administration

  • Customer Benefits
    • Professional policy management
    • Assistance with upgrades
    • Assistance with patch deployment
  • Service Provider Responsibilities in Overseeing Customer’s network infrastructure
    • Administration
    • Monitoring
    • Maintenance
  • Service Provider’s Day-to-day Practices includes Management of Routers
    • Switches
    • Firewalls
    • Web filters
    • Wireless controllers
    • Access points
    • VPN gateways
    • Load balancers

Patch Management

Our Professional Services Team automates the patch management tasks for your organization. Customers can expect the following services from us:

  • Current knowledge of available patches
  • Advice on which patches are appropriate for particular systems
  • Proper patch installment
  • System tests after installation
  • Documented procedures, as required

After Hours Maintenance: In an effort to avoid interrupting business operations, we will schedule network and system maintenance to occur outside of business hours.

IT Asset Inventory

  • Service Provider Responsibilities
    • Perform hardware and software inventory
    • Scan entire network
    • Record details for every computer, full operating system, and any software packages installed
    • Track versioning
    • Notify Customer about upcoming Life Cycle Replacement (LCR) needs